For the 112th Congress, English First will focus on the five pieces of legislation and will fight to protect English against any legislation that is not in the spirit of English First.

Each piece of legislation will have a page on this site that will track legislation pertaining to that bill

In the past four years, under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, English bills were basically ignored.

The focus of English First for the next two years, in the 112th Congress, will be the following five pieces of legislation:

1. English as the official language of the United States of America.
2. Voting ballots in English only for federal candidates.
3. No obligation for government or business to use any language other than English.
4. Lower healthcare costs by using English only and removing the translator mandate.
5. Defund any lawsuit versus any state concerning language for English only.

The focus is making sure that as a society we move forward together all having the opportunity to live the American dream, which can only happen with the command of the English language.

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